First Time Manager Tips

management Jan 01, 2023


The first few weeks at a new job can be overwhelming. There is a lot to learn and a lot of catching up to do. We will be focusing on the basics of what you need to do in the first few weeks as the new person in charge. During the first week, you can really make an impact on your team and/or department. Here are some focus areas.

1. Be kind

It will be important you do not speak ill of you predecessor. There is no good which can come from it. In most scenarios, they did their best and it will be best to focus in on what you can do to improve the situation rather than speak poorly of others.

The other side effect of speaking ill of someone is this sends a message to the listener where, in the future, you could do the same to them. This will not strengthen your relationship with that individual.

2. Delegate

Being a manager or a lead will mean you are now tasked with getting results through others now. It is not about what you can complete, but what your team can complete.

This can take some practice, but be open to letting go of specific work you used to do as an individual contributor and knowing not everyone will achieve the results in exactly the same way as you did.

3. Don't act immediately

Take time to learn what your team is doing. Taking swift action could result in unintended consequences because you lacked a critical piece of information.

4. Listen

Talk to your new staff, your peers, customers, and your boss. Find out what is happening on the ground. Similar to the above point about acting too quickly, the listening tour you go on will give you critical information on where you should focus your energy first.

5. Know your team

Learn about your team and find out what they are motivated by. This will help you understand what issues they may be running into, put you in a position to remove obstacles, and develop the relationships with the underlying trust you will need to have your team be successful.



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